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Gypsum products' Advantages

 Advantages of gypsum products
Sound Isolation

It shouldn't come as a surprise that sound control is an important element to consider in both commercial and residential construction planning. Whether you've had noisy neighbors (or been the noisy neighbor), the bustling sounds of the city just outside, or even just mom's deafening blender at dark o'clock, you should have a pretty firm grasp on the concept. Unlike many comparable paneling and wall material options, Gypsum Board both absorbs the acoustical effects of a given room, and more effectively prevents them from bleeding over to other rooms or to the exterior of the building structure.

Adaptability & Economic Advantage

Most any contractor out there will attest to the fact that Gypsum Board is usable for an abundantly wide array of architectural designs, and is produced in a slew of types and sizes to fit almost any situation. Its ease of application, availability, performance, repairability, and general adaptability make it an easy choice. Additionally, its price-to-performance ratio is relatively unmatched, making it the most popular choice for builders of every proficiency and budget.

Fire Resistance

Gypsum Board's noncombustible core contains chemically combined water, which is released as steam under unusually high heat exposure, effectively retarding the entire process of heat transfer. And even when all the water has been released to the point of complete calcination, the material continues to act as a heat insulating barrier.

Hardiness & Impact Resistance

Gypsum Board is made in a number of different thicknesses and applied in a varying number of layers to accommodate whatever amount of impact damage is to be expected for the given room. It's used to construct strong high-quality walls and ceilings with unmatched dimensional stability and durability, while being easy to work with when being decorated or refinished.