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Why we choose perforated gypsum board?

Perforated gypsum board uses gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, bonding agents, modifiers, formed by suppressing, mixing and drying.  It has the characteristics of fire  sound insulation, heat insulation, light-weight, high-strength, small shrinkage, and the stability of small, non-aging, anti-moth-eaten. It can use nails, sawing, planning, adhesive and other methods of construction. It is widely used in ceiling, walls, interior and exterior walls.
Huaqin decorative gypsum boards are mainly used in room, office building, hotel, market, hospital, airport ,subway, gymnasium, library, museum, theater, factory, building, computer laboratory, as interior wall system.
This kind of boards have a lot of advantages.Firstly,it can purify indoor air because its clean and tidy surface treatment,which can not produce a lot of dust at the time of installation;Secondly,using this kind of board is absolutely a fashionable sound absorption solution,so that can creat a quiet atmosphere of harmony;Thirdly,the perforated gypsum board also has an Ideal seamless decorative effect,the perfect perforation design can mostly beyond what you can imangine;Last but not least,gypsum board ,as we all know,is a kind of low carbon environmental protection material,does not produce any harm to our body health.
When delivery , the boards should be piled up in the way of board-to board , then it is suitable for overseas transportation and indoor store .
The panels could not be stored outside or in the store near water . It must be stored in a smooth , no rain leaking , no dust and good ventilated warehouse .It should avoid moisture before used . Once it was affected with damp , it should be cleaned up right away and sent it to a well area for drying up. Otherwise it may be destroyed.
Carried by one man is prohibited . The board should be carried by two men with both hands of them and taking the long edges horizontally or taking the short edges vertically .