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Calcium silicate ceiling tile

Advantages for Calcium silicate ceiling tile

Calcium silicate tile is composed by SiO2, CaO, reinforced fiber, it is new generation of environmental protection building materials. Calcium silicate had fire-resistance, water-proof, sound-proof, not easy deformation advantage etc.

1. Excellent fire-resistance performance: calcium silicate belong to A grade fire-proof  building materials. It is not burn, not produce toxic gases when a fire occurs, so it  will win over lot of time for people which in indoor.

2. Excellent water-proof performance: Calcium silicate board has a strong waterproof,   moisture resistance,it can be used in moisture environment, for example: batching room, washing room, laundry room etc. Calcium silicate can keep its stability performance in moisture environment, no expansion or deformation.

3.  Sound/heat insulation: Calcium silicate board had very good sound insulation effect, it can be used in KTV, dance hall, hotel, sound-absorbing ceiling.

4. Long service time, anti sag: Calcium silicate can anti acid, alkali and corrosion, and can’t damaged by moisture weather and the ant. Its intensity can increased with the time,it can be ensure there is an extraordinary service life.