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About Suspended Ceiling System

Suspended ceilings are about far more than...well, ceilings. They’re about how you make a room a more effective, safer, more economical space to be.

A versatile ceiling board that can be used for a taped and jointed ceiling, a flush plastered ceiling and a ceiling with an H-Strip/Cover Strip finish.

7mm and 9mm thickness standard plasterboard are often used in suspended ceiling system, especially in South Africa. But now, 8mm Hongye TE board can be used for all plaster ceiling applications including flush plaster grid,steel, and bulkhead construction.

8mm Hongye Multi-Purpose Plasterboard is available in widths of 1.0m instead of the conventional 900 & 1200mm widths using a metric basis as opposed to the traditional imperial converted measurements making material take offs and calculations far easier.

The boards are also significantly easier to handle due to the narrower width and lighter weight and require at least one person less when installing.

Except gypsum ceiling board, PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tile and pvc laminated calcium silicate ceiling tile also play an important role in all decoration mateiral business.

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