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How should we install the ceiling tile

Ceiling Tile Installation:


1.Measure opposite walls of your room in cm. Add 30.48cm. Divide this number you arrive at is the width of the border tile. Jot it down. Repeat the process for the other two walls.

2.Purchase the ceiling tile. Tile usually come in 595x595 or 600x600 squares. Purchase other accessories on time.

3.Determine which way the ceiling joists run. Nail the first furring strip perpendicular to the joists along one wall. Put two eight penny nails into the furring trip together to create a strip along one wall.

4.Make sure the furring strip and are level. Place shims between the furring strip and the ceiling if necessary.

5.Nail the next furring strip 24 inches on centre parallel to the first furring strip. Continue this process until you come to the opposite wall. Nail a furring strip parallel to that wall as well.

6.Set the open boxes of ceiling tiles in the room at least 24 hours before you begin to install them. This gives them a chance to acclimate to the room

Install the ceiling tile:

1.Start in one corner, cut the corner border piece to fit square it.

2.Mark the starting square on the furring strip. Make sure the flanged edges point toward the center of the room. Use a staple gun to attach the corner tile.

3.Put up the next tile along the border. Staple it in place. Now place a ceiling tile on the other leg of the corner. Staple it.

4.Set the first full ceiling tile in place. Butt it in place next to the 3rd tile already in place.

5.Continue to work from both angles of the corner and out into the room. Cover the entire ceiling with ceiling tiles. Nail the last row of ceiling tile directly to the furring strip if the staple gun does not reach into that tight of a spot.

6.Measure and cut the molding strips to fit. Stain the strips. Use the meter box and saw to meter the corner pieces. Use the finishing nails to nail the molding into place.

Things they will need:

Utility knife

Staple gun


Molding strips


Miter box


Finishing nails

Safety glass

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