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How to know more about the global sourcing service

With the economic globalization, global sourcing has been a important part of economic globalization.In order to find the best products and price, or the products their country could not produce,many customers choose the global sourcing.However, as the customer are not familiar with marketing condition and informations of other country,they have met a lot of troubles in purchasing the products,thus they reduce the efficiency of procurement and add extra costs.

Depend on more than 7 years experiences of import and export agency and complete Electronic network platform, especially our company-- Shandong Huaqin building materials co.,ltd trains and owns an experts team of international trade. We could provide the trust and integrity of the services for you in the global sourcing.We provide the all the global sourcing of building materials,such as gypsum, gypsum board, drywall, ceiling, PVC ceiling tile, Keel, Plywood, Cement board, Quartz stone, T-Bar, Screw, labour protection appliance, etc.

For the foreign business man or enterprise purchasing in china, we could provide the convenient products search services for them.Not only reduce the cost of global sourcing,but also improve the efficiency by using the professional knowledges to reduce the blindness search. Meanwhile,we could use the language advantages to reduce the misunderstands of products,improve the accuracy rate of searching, and improve the procurement efficiency accordingly.

After confirming the purchase contract,we will arrange international trade and delivery the products to the customers safely and quickly according to the decided commerce clauses in the contract.We could monitor and control the quality,packing,transportation,delivery time,price,etc in the actual operation.

Of course, we can provide you the every kinds informations of suppliers to you completely and transparently,and let you discuss the every details of purchasing with the factory freely. At last, you commission us to purchase the products and delivery yo you.What’s more, we could also provide the reference quote services according to your product brand,performance requirement,quality requirements,place of origin,customer's target price and so on.

We warmly welcome you to know more about us and choose us,and establish a long business friendship with us in the near future.

--Shandong Huaqin building materials co.,ltd

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